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Pro Spotlight On: Ken Thompson

Started playing: 7 years old

Current racquet: Anything available

Favorite surface: Started on clay, ended on hard court

Favorite player: Pancho Gonzalez

Favorite all time match: Too many to choose

Prefer singles or doubles: Both

Favorite major: U.S. Open

Played in high school or college: Played at Glynn Academy & Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC

Proudest tennis moment: When son Bill won the Georgia High School State Championship

Biography: Ken was born in 1931 in Summit, NJ. Started playing tennis at the Summit Tennis Club at 7 years old. Played tennis, badminton and squash at the club. Family moved to St Simons in 1942. Married Miss Katherine Parker in 1955. They have 5 children and 19 grandchildren. Most of them play tennis as well. Ken taught tennis at the Brunswick Community College from 1975-1985. He has taught clinics for the County all his life. In the 70's, he had 600 active students, several have gone on to play college tennis. He built his own court alongside his current house in 1976. On a personal note, I believe everyone who has ever played tennis in Glynn County has played with Ken at one time or another. I took my first lessons from him as well. He and his wife are some of my favorite in Glynn County, and there is nothing I like better than to drop by his house to get a racquet re-strung, and talk tennis for an hour or so. Ken is a local tennis legend, and we are lucky to have him here.

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