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Our Queen of the Court for women is a gal you all want to meet, Jill Covell. She plays on the 3.0 level and says she has never been a great player but has always loved every minute of playing. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Jill was born in upstate New York and lived there where she played tennis in high school. She was quick to point out that team tennis was much different back in her days in high school. Once married with children, her whole family got the tennis “bug”. In 1976, she moved to the beautiful Golden Isles and still lives on Saint Simons. The Newcomers club is what got her interested in really learning tennis and playing here. She took lessons at Sea Palms and knew it was the game for her. The love of tennis carried over to her daughter who played on Glynn Academy’s tennis team. She remembers after her second knee replacement, her doctor told her to hold off on tennis but she felt good and continued to play.

She likes it when people play fair on the courts. It is nice to win but she plays tennis to get exercise and meet new people. Now as she gets older, she has her aches and pains but they are forgotten on the tennis court. She has been a USTA member for years and some of her happiest moments are centered around tennis.

One of her favorite tennis moments was when a friend of hers won a free trip to Palm Springs, Florida. She was invited to go along and they ended up winning the women’s doubles for their age group. She also has a bad memory on court of a man who made a bad line call. He ended up putting his finger in her face. Being a non-confrontational person, she did not know what to do. Luckily her partner stepped in and things were righted. The moral of the story she says is to play fair and be nice on the court!

Jill enjoys watching all tennis on TV. She enjoys reading a variety of novels and writing poetry. She sings in the church choir at Frederica Presbyterian Church.

No article about Jill would be complete without mentioning her dog, Holly. Jill is a past member of Therapy Dog International and has a dog that use to visit and cheer up people in Hospice, the hospital and the Senior Center. Now they are both enjoying life as seniors!

You can find Jill on the courts on Thursday morning playing tennis for fun with a group of ladies. She hopes to play women’s doubles in the fall.

Jill Covell is a woman you want to meet. Congratulations on being the QUEEN OF THE COURTS!!