Adult Programs

2018/2019 BGITA USTA Adult 18 & Over Registration opens: TBD
League Season: TBD

• Men’s 4.0
• Women’s 3.0
• Women’s 3.5

2019/2020 BIGTA USTA Adult 40 & Over
Registration opens: TBD
League Season: TBD

• Women’s 4.0


Tennis Apprentice Program

The USTA Tennis Apprenticeship program will be offered again this Fall.
Tennis Apprentice is a special introductory program designed to train, then offer an optional pathway to league play. 
For a regulated modest fee, student receives;
-5 sessions with certified professional
-Free USTA membership
-Free Head racquet
- Intro to Local League play.

Being A Captain

Captaining a team is easy and rewarding! Learn more about what they do. If you are interested in being a captain but have not done it before, we have mentors that can help make it easy for you. If you already know a great captain, be sure to let us know! Nominate your captain as part of our Captains Kudos recognition.


What it Means to Be a Captain: Understand• Be familiar with the structure, procedures and local league, sectional and national rules, as well as the general rules of tennis to keep your team informed. Find Interested Players• Recruit enough players to field a complete team for every match. BGITA can help in finding players too. Logistics• Ensure that all players meet the eligibility requirements: Have a valid NTRP rating, USTA membership and be the minimum age for the league.• Obtain a team number from your league coordinator.• Distribute all materials to your team including: Team number, schedule of play, current rules and regulations and a list of team members with telephone numbers and emails.• Confirm home and away matches and contact opposing team captains to confirm date and time of match. Assist your local league coordinator in rescheduling postponed or delayed matches.• Organize all materials necessary for the team’s participation at the championship level, if your team qualifies. Get Results In• Record match results on TennisLink within 48 hours (per regulations). Have what it takes to captain a team? Email us at: