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Everything you need to know, as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced tennis player.

New To Tennis?

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    Why Play Tennis?

    ☐ For Fun☐ For Health☐ For Competition☐ For Fashion☐ For Friendship

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    What You Need

    ☐ A Racquet☐ Tennis Balls☐ Tennis Shoes
    That's All!

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    Where Can I Learn?

    ☐ Find An Instructor☐ Find Group Lessons☐ Find Upcoming Clinic & Camps

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    After Lessons

    Ready for a friendly match?After lessons, you can start playing in social and competitive leagues.
    Find A League!

Tennis Resources

  • Tennis Basics

  • Common Tennis Injuries

  • Exercise Tips For Tennis

  • Improving Your Serve

  • Choosing The Right Equipment

  • Understanding Court Surfaces

  • Keeping Your Eye On The Ball

  • The Top 5 Keys To Better Tennis

  • What is Tennis Elbow?

  • Expert Tips For Winning Matches?